xD 24: Work It Out

Poster, 594 x 841mm / Banner, 6000 x 1500mm, 2014
Client: Visual Communication Design Dept., Hongik Univerity

“xd24”, which is the 24th workshop hosted by Department of Visual Communication Design at Hongik University every year, which invite designers from the diverse range of creative fields in the world. The subject of 24th xD is “Work It Out: Thought on identity, Typography, Education, and Design,” and run by Yoonsoo Lee, Ziddi Msangi, and Ian Lynam from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Design process
I got an idea from the interpretation of the main title “Work It Out” itself, I focus on “Out.” So I designed letters pop out from the background. And set the subtitle, “Thought on Identity, Typography, Education and Design” in line with last word of the main title to expand reader’s visual flow to emphasize the concept. Also, the banner designed by the same idea.

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