Seeding Hangul: Design Exhibition on Hangul

Exhibition, 2012
Team Project

The project, “Seeding Hangul” is an exhibition about the design of hangul, not as the letter. It held in Korean Cultural Center, Washington D.C. The exhibition features a variety Hangul-themed design posters, iPad applications, and publications created by classes of Visual Communication Design department of Hongik University in South Korea over the past 20 years. I co-managed the project and designed whole exhibition materials such as a poster, leaflet, and banner. Also, I organized the workshop about the principle of hangul foundation and made silk printed hangul T-shirt.

Design process
I used hangul alphabet “o(ieung)”, “ㅡ(eu)”, “ㅣ(e)” which is vowel design of hangul based on three elements “yin(earth), yang(heaven and the sun), and neutral(human)" as a motive to design exhibition materials. And using green color to the symbol of seed.

        The exhibition “Seeding Hangul” was the extension of former two projects, “Hongik University Visual Communication Design 20 years of Editorial Design Application” and “Hongik University Visual Communication Design Typography. Editorial Design. 20 years Exhibition” from March 2012. I had managed and designed both projects too. These three of whole year projects taught me the importance of project management from the schedule to divide work and communication with stakeholders. It was my first experience of manages projects and team. Leading the team was not easy and there are many unexpected problems, but after projects those failure makes me having the confidence to cope with difficulty and talk naturally in front of people.

Link ︎ Korean Cultural Center, Washington D.C.

Project Manager: Jaekook Han, Byunghak Jeon
Art Director: Jaekook Han
Designer: Jaekook Han
Workshop moderator: Jaekook Han, Byunghak Jeon
Assistant: Leewan Kim, Joonho Jang

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