Prescription for Additive Anxiety Syndrome

Book, 165 x 220mm, 108p, 2014
Solo Project

Solo project


Graduation project from personal experience. This book gives information about food additive to solve people’s anxiety about it.

Design process

In 2013, I was really sick. After that I had had to be concerned about what I eat for health naturally, and this gave me a habit that when before I bought groceries I always check ingredient labeling. There were the words that something I do not know, called food additive. I wanted to know what exactly they are, so I searched for it on the web. And then I found the fears and distrust about additive from many people. I wonder what the food additives are genuinely hazardous? And if there are so harmful to us, why they distributed openly?. So I searched in-depth about that and found there was so many incendiary information from the news, and commercials that used anxiety of consumers, furthermore these sources were thoughtlessly shared on the Internet. Consequentially, these misinformation makes people distrust the food additive. I wanted to remove their anxiety.

        So, I regulate this anxiety about food additive is a sort of syndrome, and to cure this, give people to the right information about additive through the book of prescription. The prescription composed of three medications(chapters). First one is the tonic of knowledge, this medication defines, classify food additive and informs history about it. Second is the stimulant of truth; it shows the inside facts of classic controversies such as MSG, sodium nitrate and how the company using the anxiety of consumers through hiding the truth behind the commercials. The last one is the tranquilizer of belief; it informs how the safety of food additive managed by governments and internationally. 

        I used the blue for the primary color because the concept of the book is a prescription, it gives calm and rational feeling to readers. Also, the cover design motivated by South Korea’s prescription form. The contents of the book have some technical terms, so I designed internal pages concentrate on easy to read rather than experimental artwork.
        Through the project, I rethought the importance of delivery right information and designer’s role in it while making the book.

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