Perspectives in the National Parks

Development, 2019


Perspectives in the National Parks is a project that shows the various way of seeing and of four national parks which are Yellowstone, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains national parks through the map collection, “Mapping the National Parks” from Library of Congress in the U.S.

Solo project
Visual Design

Interaction Design

Design process

I got an idea from the gap between these map collection and google maps. Those maps had drawn by cartographers, and it has only one perspective, but in google maps, people can choose various ways to explore the maps like satellite, street, 2D, 3D, etc. So I want to give these old maps to diverse perspectives use existing technology, which is google image search.

If the user clicked the map, it would connect to google image search with the name of the map + year that shows the photos from a whole different view. (Design in the project is changed a little bit for the widescreen).

Link ︎ Perspectives in the National Parks

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