Nobody from Nowhere

Poster, 600 x 900mm, 2016
Client: GRAPHIC, Jeonju International Film Fesival

I designed the poster for the movie “Nobody from Nowhere” for “100 films 100 posters” which is launched in 2015 that 100 graphic designers in South Korea design posters inspired by 100 movies being screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

Design process
“Sébastien Nicolas, realtor, leads a dull existence and he’s always wished to be someone else. Lacking the creativity to reinvent himself, he begins impersonating his clients with latex masks and wigs.” - Synopsis

I designed the poster with the color as the central concept to express to the movie. The color palette is the most symbolic thing among the tools that Sébastien uses to disguise another person. Therefore I symbolized black part as a Sébastien who deny the existence of himself, color palette as an another “Sébastien” who disguised someone. And I make the symbolic graphic to express endlessly moving himself to himself and finally assimilated each other.

Link ︎ Trailer,  “Nobody from Nowhere”

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