Kernelstrip EP “Walking Through the Galaxy”

Album, 125 x 415mm, 2014

Client: Kernelstrip

Cover design and naming for the first EP of Kernelstrip who is the electronic musician and producer based in South Korea.

Design process
My project goal was when listeners get the album; they feel Kernelstrip itself and his music from not only by its sound but also by its cover. When I heard this album, I felt like walking through the galaxy, so I was suggesting this for the name of the album and used design concept for the cover. I concentrated on feeling that from the songs to visualize the image concurrently with showing “Kernerlstrip" itself at the structural point of view, and I hoped the information that from covers such as names of songs have a flow that same as listening music.
        First, I made the horizontal extended folded package rather than a general plastic case and got an idea from the definition of Kernelstrip to laid the text out. "Kernel" means core or crux and the "strip" means to take off something, so I laid the “walking through” out on the front page and the last sentence “the galaxy” on the next page. And finally along the visual flow of reading the sentence, then see the core information of the album. On the final page, I made an image of galaxy and names of the songs extended linearly on it, therefore square the listening music with the concept of the album “Walking Through the Galaxy.”

Link ︎  Kernelstrip, “Walking Through the Galaxy”

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