Focus Helper Conversation Archive

Development, 2018


Focus Helper Conversation Archive is part of the project “Focus Helper” is made for record the conversations for helping the users that review their talk after they had experience with Focus Helpe,r which allows people focus and listen to each other during talk.

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Solo project



The project is about “How to reduce the misunderstanding in conversation?”, and the answer is “pay attention and listen”. That’s why I designed the Focus Helper and its conversation archive. The idea of the archive is from the behavior of take a notes people who want to learn more about something. I used an Arduino with buttons and p5.speech library for the website.

Link to Code

How it works

First, the users put their name on the input and click the “start conversation” button. Then a box generated by random color and position.
After that the users using the Focus Helper, they press the button then it activates speech recognition API. During the button is pushing, API recognizes the word and writes down on the box with a name that they made in the first step. So, they can see who talks what. 

I had used p5.serial to connect p5.js target="_blank">p5.js and an Arduino. So, when a button is pressing it gets a serial number and send to p5.js through an Arduino. However, there was a tricky part of speech recognition, that was it need time to recognize to words like 5~10seconds. So, if the users put their button off too quickly, it doesn't work well and only printed the name.  

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