Poster, 600 x 900mm, 2015
Client: GRAPHIC, Jeonju International Film Fesival
Solo Project

I designed the poster for the movie “Favula” for “100 films 100 posters” which is launched in 2015 that 100 graphic designers in South Korea design posters inspired by 100 movies being screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

Design process
“An enchanted and dangerous jungle. A woman and her husband. A young boy and a teenaged girl who look like brother and sister. Another girl and two men from another time. Gunshots. An escape. A cascade and a storm . Love. Passion. Death.” - Synopsis

I got an idea from the movie’s visual expression that continuing transition of light, color saturation of screen in surreal space and using overlap skills to deliver message metaphorically. I designed layers in black void space put the significant image to understand the movie in it and repeat titles.

Link ︎ Clip, “Favula”

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