Dream of Asian Beauty

Book, 165 x 220mm, 2016

The book “AMOREPACIFIC: Dream of Asian Beauty” is seventy years of the history book of AMOREPACIFIC which is the biggest cosmetic company in South Korea. The project goal is making storybook rather than the general chronological sourcebook, so the readers that all the members of the staff in the company can be interested in their history.

Design process
The project had taken almost three years including bidding process, and I joined the team as a designer in the final year that took whole part of visualization. After two years of research was done by writer and editors.
        The central concept of “AMOREPACIFIC: Dream of Asian Beauty" was white porcelain, because the book should fill with the contents of seventy years of the episode, and softly embrace all of them. Therefore I focused on calm and simple design. I designed master page at first to give coherence. The book has twenty-eight episodes and each episode composed of story and photos. I created them separately because I wanted to make readers concentrate on the story, then they see the images related to the story. And I laid the pictures out from the top left side in chronological order.

        In this project, I focused on not only design but also communication more than any other projects. Because It was the long-term and large-scale project, and I was the only designer took the complete visualization of the book. So I concentrate every people on this project share same goal and idea of the design concept of the book. It was not easy but worth to do it and gave me the meaningful experience.

Creative Director: Younghoon Park
Project Manager: Jiyoung Lee
Editor: Jiyoung Lee, Donyoung Lim
Designer: Jaekook Han
Writer: Unjoo Choi
Photographer: Wookin Park, Intak Kim
Illustrator: Jihong Min
Assistant: Gaeun Jang, Yeonjung Ko, Dahye Jung, Siyeon Ha

Copyright 2021, Jaekook Han